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A special report by Hal Bernton, Mike Carter, David Heath and James Neff · June 23 - July 7, 2002

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· Jean-Louis Bruguire: Zhon Lew-EE BRU-gee-air
· Denis Buron: Den-EE Boo-ROHN
· Abdelmajid Dahoumane: AHB-del-ma-JEED Dah-ho-MAHN-ee
· Abu Doha: AH-boo DOE-ha
· Real Genest: Ray-AHL JEN-est
· Abderraouf Hannachi: AB-der-ra-OOF Han-NAH-shee
· Mokhtar Haouari: Muk-TAR Ha-WAH-ree
· Mourad Ikhlef: MOO-rahd IHK-lif
· Fateh Kamel: Fa-TEH Kah-MEL
· Tahar Medjadi: Tah-HAR Med-jah-DEE
· Abdelghani Meskini: AHB-del-GAH-ne Mes-KEE-nee
· Samir Ait Mohamed: Sah-MEER AY-yet Moo-HAHM-ed
· Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil: Wah-KEEL Ahk-MEHD Moo-tah-wah-KEHL (no audio)
· Benni Antoine Noris: Ben-EE AHN-twahn No-HEE (no audio)
· Ahmed Ressam: AKH-med Res-SAHM
· Belkacem Ressam: Bell-KAW-sim Res-SAHM
· Kamel Ressam: KAH-mill Res-SAHM
· Abu Zubaydah: AH-boo Zoo-BAY-dah


· Assuna Annabawiyah: as-SUN-na an-na-ba-WEE-yah
· Bou Ismail: Boo Is-mah-EEL
· Place de la Malicorne: Plas day lah Ma-LEE-corn
· Roubaix roo-B


· hidjab: hee-JAB
· Groupement Islamique Armé: Groop-MONT ES-la-meek Ar-MAY
· jihad: jee-HAD
· mujahadeen: moo-JAH-hi-DEEN
· Quebecois: Ka-be-KW

Chapter 1: Past as Prologue
Chapter 2: The Fountainhead
Chapter 3: Leaving Home
Chapter 4: Sneaking In
Chapter 5: The Terrorist Tracker
Chapter 6: It Takes a Thief
Chapter 7: Joining Jihad
Chapter 8: Going to Camp
Chapter 9: 'A Bunch of Guys'
Chapter 10: The Mission
Chapter 11: The Ticking Bomb
Chapter 12: The Crossing
Chapter 13: On the Case
Chapter 14: The Warning
Chapter 15: Puzzle Pieces
Chapter 16: The Reckoning
Chapter 17: Nine-Eleven

See About this series for source list, credits and reprints.

Understanding the Conflict
Two Peoples, One Land

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