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A special report by Hal Bernton, Mike Carter, David Heath and James Neff · June 23 - July 7, 2002

"The Terrorist Within," told in serial-narrative form, is based entirely on information gathered in interviews or contained in official documents, transcripts and recordings, some public and others classified. Read more about how it came together in Mike Fancher's Inside The Times column.

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Reporters: Hal Bernton, Mike Carter, David Heath and James Neff

Photo editor: Fred Nelson  •  Designer: Denise Clifton  •  Illustration: Paul Schmid  •  Graphics: Jeff Neumann  •  Copy editor: Kim Miller  •  Online producer: Tracy Cutchlow  •  Online designer: Linda Bell  •  Editor: David Boardman


FBI agents and supervisors

• Robert Bryant, former deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Frederick W. Humphries II, FBI Special Agent, case agent for the BORDERBOM investigation
• Ray Lauer, FBI Special Agent in Seattle
• Charles Mandigo, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle office of the FBI

Ressam's attorneys

• Denis Buron, Ressam immigration attorney in Montreal
• Mike Filipovic, assistant federal public defender in Seattle
• Thomas Hillier, federal public defender in Seattle
• Jo Ann Oliver, assistant federal public defender in Seattle

Prosecutors and government lawyers

• Martha Devlin, assistant prosecutor at Department of Justice-Canada
• Jerry Diskin, assistant U.S. Attorney, head of Ressam prosecution team
• Kate Pflaumer, former U.S. Attorney for Western Washington
• Steven Gonzalez, assistant U.S. Attorney, Ressam prosecutor
• Andrew Hamilton, assistant U.S. Attorney, Ressam prosecutor
• Charles Tetzlaff, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Vermont

Other defense lawyers

• Ralph Hurvitz, defense lawyer in Seattle
• Daniel Ollen, criminal defense attorney in New York
• William Smart, defense attorney in Vancouver, B.C.
• Roland Thau, criminal defense attorney in New York

Counter-terrorism experts

• Jean-Louis Bruguiere, French anti-terrorism magistrate
• Vincent Cannistraro, former counterterrorism director with the Central Intelligence Agency
• James Corcoran, former deputy director for the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency
• David Harris, former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service
• Joel Maybury, former director of Algerian Desk, U.S. State Department
• Daniel Serwer, director of the Balkans Initiative at the United States Institute of Peace
• Michael Sheehan, former counterterrorism director at the U.S. State Department

Ressam's family, friends and associates

• Yousfi Boualem
• Belkacem Ressam
• Kamel Ressam
• Boyhood friends of Ressam
• Former patrons of cafe where Ahmed Ressam worked in Bou Ismail
• Members of Islamic mosque in Bou Ismail
• Bahaa el Batal, imam at the Assuna Annabawiyah mosque in Montreal

Experts on Algeria

• Omar Belhouchet, editor of El Watan
• Luis Martinez, author of "The Algerian Civil War, 1990-1998"

Others interviewed

• Marvin Smilon, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York
• Experts on Islamic fundamentalism, including clerics at mosques in three countries
• Algerian immigrants in Paris and Roubaix
• U.S. Embassy officials in Algeria
• Canadian immigration officials
• Montreal and Vancouver police
• U.S. Embassy official in Algeria

Documents, newspapers and books

• Ressam's trial transcript and Ressam's testimony in another trial
• Classified FBI documents
• French court documents
• El Watan, Algerian newspaper
• "The Struggle for Algeria" by Joseph Krafit
• "The Algerian Civil War, 1990-1998" by Luis Martinez
• "The Agony of Algeria" by Martin Stone
• Canadian and U.S. court documents, some of which were unsealed due to Seattle Times legal actions

Chapter 1: Past as Prologue
Chapter 2: The Fountainhead
Chapter 3: Leaving Home
Chapter 4: Sneaking In
Chapter 5: The Terrorist Tracker
Chapter 6: It Takes a Thief
Chapter 7: Joining Jihad
Chapter 8: Going to Camp
Chapter 9: 'A Bunch of Guys'
Chapter 10: The Mission
Chapter 11: The Ticking Bomb
Chapter 12: The Crossing
Chapter 13: On the Case
Chapter 14: The Warning
Chapter 15: Puzzle Pieces
Chapter 16: The Reckoning
Chapter 17: Nine-Eleven

Understanding the Conflict
Two Peoples, One Land

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