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After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, Americans found themselves struggling to make sense of a new kind of war in an unfamiliar part of the world. These pages contain an in-depth look at the history, politics and people relevant to America's war on terror. 
Osama bin LadenWho is Osama bin Laden? How do terrorist networks operate? How many other major attacks on the U.S. have there been? What is anthrax? How can we protect ourselves? >>>

U.S. actions — from backing Israel to stationing troops in Saudi Arabia to supporting sanctions in Iraq — have long fostered resentment in other parts of the world. Here's a look at the primary tensions. >>> The Puget Sound area, ringed with Army, Navy and Air Force bases, is a critical component of the nation's defense. Tour these military installments and learn more about the nation's special forces. >>>
If you didn't know where Afghanistan was before, you do now. But to understand Afghanistan, study the politics and history of the region — from Northwest Africa to Southeast Asia. >>>

How can some Muslims preach peace and others holy war? Learn about the tenets of the world's fastest-growing religion. >>> The scarring images. The minute-by-minute accounts. The stories of heroism and death. The America that is forever changed. >>>
On Sept. 12, the day after our sense of security was shattered, reporter Alex Tizon and photographer Alan Berner ventured out to chronicle what connects us, and what keeps us apart in their "Crossing America" series.

Now, we continue our journey in a collection of reported "postcards." >>>





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Crossing America
We recommend a number of books and Web sites to dig deeper into Islam, U.S. foreign policy and more. Also get details on UW's lecture series. >>>

Discussion guide: A series of questions and activities designed to help teachers and parents discuss the growing conflict. >>>


It's a story told through images. Here you'll find the maps, charts and illustrations used in The Seattle Times to explain the events of Sept. 11 and beyond, as well as Associated Press video clips of the attacks and their aftermath. >>>

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