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Dot-Con job
A Seattle Times investigation by David Heath and Sharon Chan March 6-8, 2005



From: Larry Hile
To: Tammy Halstead
"If we got caught, we could burn."

Analysts vs. INSP Revenue Targets
InfoSpace chart showing the number of contracts yet to be signed for the first three quarters of 2001.

From: Sofia Ghachem
To: Henry Blodget
Subject: INSP
"Naveen saying we won't be embarrassed..."

From: Naveen Jain
To: Garth MacLeod
Subject: European wireless revenues down
"This is not good. How do we fix it?"

From: Garth MacLeod
To: Naveen Jain
Subject: Saraide board meeting
"Saraide's revenue ... is significantly lower..."
From: Joni Hanson
To: Naveen Jain
Subject: Analyst day
"Better talk to him about what exactly he thinks he's going to say" to analysts.
From: Atul Jain
To: David Shipps
Subject: Amendment to agreement
"Here are my thoughts on how to move forward."
From: Jed Smith
To: Naveen Jain
Subject: Jed Smith - Catamount Ventures
"I cannot do an investment as a favor. I believe that I could go to jail."
From: Marc Belzberg
To: Naveen Jain
Subject: InfoSpace investment in Netgen
"For friends, I am willing to stretch the rules."
From: Ellen Alben
To: Steve Crosetti, Christina Balkan, Naveen Jain
Subject: OpenAuto deal (timing)
"It disturbs me that they are essentially just paying us back our own money."
From: Garth MacLeod
To: Naveen Jain
Subject: yr 2000 forecast
"Even the realistic estimate will prove to be a challenge (unless we buy revenues)."

From: Henry Blodget
To: Virginia Syer
Subject: FW: Handwritten InfoSpace Annual Report!?!?
"I am so tired of getting these things."

From: Russell Horowitz
To: Naveen Jain, Arun Sarin
Subject: October consolidation distributed
"In looking at Q1, we have some SERIOUS work to do."
From: Jeff Bergstrom
To: Russell Horowitz
Subject: Revenue consolidated
"Pipeline is anemic."
From: Naveen Jain
To: Dino Christofills
Subject: Updated language
"What's the internal forecast (not that it has any meaning)?"

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