The Seattle Times Web Edition: 50 Years from Trinity

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES: Internet exercises, study guide, and talking back

How hot are you?
Do-it-yourself calculation of your radiation exposure.

Nuclear quiz:
Test yourself on the Trinity section -- plus a BONUS question: the first atomic monster!

Talk back:
How has the atomic age affected society -- and how has it affected you? Send us your thoughts and we'll post them on a special Comment Wall for everyone to see.

Meet the photographer:
Alan Berner conceived the idea for the Trinity special section. Here's how he looks on a Trident submarine.

Meet the reporter:
Bill Dietrich is a Pulitzer-prize winning veteran at The Seattle Times, but he doesn't normally dress like THIS.

Study guide:
Here are some ideas for ways you can use all this material in your classroom -- including a special section on how you can sharpen your Net-surfing skills.

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