The Seattle Times Web Edition: 50 Years from Trinity

DEEPER INTO THINGS: Supplementary material not found in the original section

* France resumes testing: Test bomb explodes in the South Pacific.

* Timeline of the Atomic Age: From Hiroshima to the new French tests.

* Nuclear factsheet: Statistics on atomic weapons.

* Nuclear power: A protest against the only reactor still under construction in the U.S.

* In their words: Quotes from scientists and others involved in the dawning of the nuclear age.

* Reactions: Visitor comments and extracts from the display wall at the Los Alamos museum.

* The bomb drops: President Truman announcing the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb (audio file).

* Pro and con: Differing positions on whether the bomb should have been dropped.

* A chronology: The end of the war in Japan.

* Remembering Hiroshima: A story published in The Seattle Times on Aug. 6, 1995, with interviews with survivors.

* Atomic city: Bill Dietrich's interview with the historian of Hanford, Washington.

* Experimenting on humans: Bill Dietrich's story about radiation experiments from The Seattle Times, Jan. 12, 1994.

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