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Lower Elwha Klallam elder Adeline Smith talks about growing up on the Elwha, where the salmon were once so numerous she had to push them out of the way with her hands as she swam in the river's cold waters as a child. Read more.

Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes conducted an in-depth conversation with Lower Elwha Klallam tribal elders Adeline Smith and the late Bea Charles in March, 2005. In this wide-ranging, hour-long interview, the elders discussed the tribe's ancient village and burial ground at Tse-whit-zen on the Port Angeles waterfront; the displacement of the tribe from its lands; the damming of the Elwha River and industrialization of the waterfront. More history and coverage can be found here and from the 2005 "Unearthing Tse-Whit-Zen" project.