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Guestbook Archive: 1997

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I think that if we didn't have people like Martin Luther King, Jr. I wouldn't be here where I am. Thanks to him now I can go to a school that isn't just for whites, or blacks, or live in a neighborhood that's only filled with my kind of race. So I thank God that He brought someone like King into our world.

Danny Saechao, Shorecrest High School, Shoreline, Washington

I think that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a wonderful dream in sight. It is the people that will make it come true. His dream to me is a step towards a higher level. Dr. King made sure that everyone took the first step together and after his assassination others feel it is a time to rejoice.

I am an African American woman attending the Citadel Military College.

His words always mean a lot to me know that he has taken a step towards reality. We have not yet won the battle, but we are still fighting a war. In society today African Americans are turning against one another and not paying attention to what he had to say. We are not only celebrating a holiday but the day that he brought light to people's eyes.

Geneive Hardney, The Citadel Military College, Charleston, South Carolina

Remember that the civil rights movement made Dr. King, Dr. King did not make the civil rights movement. He was, no doubt, an important factor in bringing equality. Remember Charles Houston, Thurgood Marshall, Ella Baker, E.D. Nixon James Forman, A. Philip Randolph, Bob Moses, Frannie Lou Hamerm, and others. They all worked for the same cause, and there were the unknown men and women who died throughout history because they knew the system was flawed, as well as the beliefs of others.

Yes, MLK was a great man, but please don't forget the others, known or unknown, who died for civil rights.

Justin, Ball State University, Anderson, Indiana

I think Martin Luther King was a big help in the world...I think the celebration people have from him should be like Thanksgiving or something very important and I wish I could have told him thank you face-to-face.

Daysha Morson, West High School, Davenport, Iowa

I am 18 years old and a female freshwoman in college. I have been brought up to believe in what's right.

Martin Luther King "WAS" a great man.

Yes, he had a dream. Isn't it about time WE woke up?

It is 30 years past the time he was assassinated and we are still DREAMING. It is time for us, as blacks and other colored people, to realize, the fight isn't over. I am not a racist nor a conformist. But we should stop dreaming, wake up, and smell the coffee. We are not even CLOSE to HIS dream.

Melissa Jones, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

I think that MLK was the greatest man to ever live. He respected any man or woman no matter what race they were or their skin color, even if they didn't respect him.

MLK was the type of man who fought for his rights and the rights of others no matter what. He kept black people together and whites too. He just wanted to make sure that his children would have a place to live without having to be criticized about their skin color he also did for other children to come. I also think that he wouldn't have liked all this black-on-black crime he would have wanted us to stick together through thick and thin. And I think they should respect his wish.

Charlene Tyler & Mrs. Threatt's 2nd period class, Ruffin High, Ruffin, South Carolina

This site was very informing because I never knew King credited Gandhi for his non-violent approach to inequality. I read about some protest that my parents were involved in and for which they even went to jail. The civil rights movement has truly affected my life because I know I have the power to do anything in life and I can vote knowing it really counts because of the many struggles my parents and other older relatives had to go through.

Shameeka Nicole Myrick, Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York

Every race of American people should be thankful for Martin Luther King. He was an inspiration to many of us, and helped us fulfill our realistic goals in life, just as he did his own.

Tianna Tudor, Columbia Basin College, Kennewick, Washington

I believe that Martin Luther King Jr. had an excellent dream and goal for our nation. Unfortunately, there are still some that believe in the ways of the Old South and continue to glorify its past instead of the legacy of a man that fought for all people no matter what race, color, creed or sex.

At the University I currently attend, diversity is constantly stressed, but not much is done to help us express our diverse ideas. Those of us who try to express anything other than the norm are shot down. I am working with several other students to get the MLK holiday on our campus to be a full day holiday and myself (SGA President) as well as the other students have faced some hardships in our efforts some of which have come from the president of our university.

I may not have been around during the civil rights movement but one of the may things that I have learned from it is patience is a virtue and anything worth getting is worth fighting for. Therefore myself and the students working with me will not give up until we get what we want and that is a full day of events and school-wide recognition for a man that spent his life fighting for the rights of all people.

Sajai DeSaussure, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

I am grateful to Martin Luther King Jr. and the many other African Americans who sacrificed themselves so that I may enjoy the freedoms I now have. I do not take their sacrifice lightly, but I strive to be my personal best, and to inspire my younger brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren to be their best as well. I work in an inner-city elementary school, where I hope to be an influence and source of encouragement to all the children I encounter here — but especially to the African American boy and girl who has to work harder to achieve his/her personal best.

This is okay though, for the extra work we put forth makes us stronger and more persevering and develops character and inner strength. I thank God for Martin Luther King and all my ancestors for contributing to the quality life I am able to enjoy today because of their lives yesterday.

Anetha Johnson, Kennedy Elementary (staff), San Diego, California

I believe that Martin Luther King was a victim of racial prejudice. He tried to spread justice and peace but was crucified for his beliefs.

I am glad that Dr. King had stressed his beliefs throughout communities and countries as we have benefitted from his actions. Thank you to all who have followed his beliefs as the world will become a more equal global community.

Georgina Marchese, All Hallows' School, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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