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    Dear students, teachers, and others intrigued by the Pacific Northwest:

   When our great-grandfather, Col. Alden J. Blethen, acquired The Seattle Daily Times in 1896, he had a dream that the paper would still be alive and thriving 100 years later, serving a city of 5 million.
    He was off on the population explosion (Seattle is still at about 520,000), but he was right about the newspaper, which is celebrating its first century in continuing family ownership this year.
    We believe it's your celebration, too -- because the rich histories of this newspaper and the Pacific Northwest are inextricably intertwined.
   Every Sunday throughout 1996, The Seattle Times is publishing a page looking at the history of Seattle through the eyes of the newspaper. We're posting these pages on the Web to make them more accessible to others who care about this region.
    Please join us in this year-long salute to our wonderful past ... and our exciting future.

--- The fourth generation of the Blethen family:

Frank A. Blethen, William K. Blethen, Robert C. Blethen, John P. Blethen and Alden J. Blethen.

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