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Last Updated - Friday, January 30, 2004, 1:00 PM
Inside Iraq Water and life slowly return to the vast wetlands of Iraq
Over the past half-century, most of the Marsh Arabs were uprooted as the Iraqi government drained and diked nearly 90 percent of the marshland in what international observers rank as a human tragedy and environmental disaster of global importance.

Passports Hal Bernton & Thomas Hurst
Learn more about the Seattle Times reporter and photographer that were in Iraq.
Iraq map Where they were...
Reporter Hal Bernton and photographer Thomas James Hurst have returned from spending a month in Iraq.

· Timeline
Former Seattle man says he'll stay
Grim struggle to save lives inside ragged Baghdad ER
Amid Baghdad's gridlock, auto dealer is on easy street
Tension tests Stryker troops
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Thomas James Hurst's photos come from the cities of Balad and Ad Dujayl, both located north of Baghdad.

· Baghdad ER, Jan. 18, 2004
· Stryker Unit, Jan. 12, 2004
· Ad Dujayl, Jan. 4, 2004
Inside Iraq
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After a month in Iraq, reporter Hal Bernton returned to Seattle and answered questions in a live Q & A.
  Read the questions and answers

"Iím learning about bureaucracy in post-war Iraq. People work but perhaps not as hard as they once did. At least not at the Ministry of Health."
— Hal Bernton
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Chinook helicopter
Chinook helicopter
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Stryker armored vehicles
Learn more about the Stryker armored vehicles used by the Stryker Brigade of Fort Lewis

On the brink
A special report
Understanding the conflict
An in-depth look
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Two peoples, one land
Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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Tom Brown looks beyond today's headlines.
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