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The Seattle Times Pike Place Market


Friday, March 19, 2010 - Page updated at 02:29 PM


Pike Place Market fish picks

Seattle Times food staff

The market is home to four long-established fish markets, each defined by its own specialties. Take a look.

City Fish Co.
1535 Pike Place, 206-682-9329

Check out: The incredible selection of smoked fish produced by this vendor.

Just for fun: Try some of the free samples offered by the knowledgeable sellers. Choose your favorite — perhaps the Garlic-Pepper smoked salmon or a strip of sweet salmon jerky — grab some paper napkins and nosh on one of the market's best deals.

Jack's Fish Spot
1514 Pike Place, 206-467-0514

Check out: The waterfall of fresh Manila clams

Just for fun: Pick up an order of Pacific true cod, dipped in a beer batter and deep fried, and a side of fries. Then head for the park at the north end of the market and savor a quintessential Northwest experience.

Pike Place Fish Market
206-682-7181, 86 Pike Place

Check out: The dazzling golden trout brushed with vivid red streaks. When roasted, pan-fried or grilled, its crusty skin serves as a perfect foil to the tender, pink-hued flesh.

Just for fun: You can't miss the "world famous" fishmongers throwing 12- pound salmons. Occasionally, like an errant Matt Hasselbeck pass, slippery fingers miss their mark and the fish sails out of bounds. Then the real fun begins.

Pure Food Fish Market
1527 Pike Place, 206-622-1370

Check out: The Pacific Chinook that's been naturally raised without antibiotics and hormones. It's everything a choice piece of salmon should be: moist, rich and absolutely delicious.

Just for fun: Take a look at the unusual selection of whole fish — you won't see these at the neighborhood market. Branzini and whole striped bass are just two of the choices.

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