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Last updated July 18, 2000
Senate panel to vote on higher WTO tab (July 18, 2000)

McIver still awaits police response to his complaint (July 7, 2000)

Early WTO warning given to Schell staff (July 7, 2000)

Schell calls for pre-event reviews to avoid WTO-type chaos (July 6, 2000)

Report says Port official misled city on WTO (June 30, 2000)

$9.3 million bill from WTO bound to swell with claims against city (June 25, 2000)

Class-action WTO suit dismissed (June 23, 2000)

Too little, too late: WTO group turns over $320,000 (June 7, 2000)

Councilman presses for access to WTO documents (May 26, 2000)

Police hindering WTO review, panel says (May 25, 2000)

Presidential candidate Bush pushes for China relations in trade talk (May 17, 2000)

Rights group calls pepper-spray use torture (May 10, 2000)

$3.8 million on way to pay WTO bills? (May 9, 2000)

Protester at WTO is put on probation (May 6, 2000)

Police bear brunt of blame in new report on WTO (April 29, 2000)

Deputy fired over two WTO incidents (April 20, 2000)

Q&A: Mission, operations of IMF, World Bank (April 16, 2000)

D.C. police, taking a lesson from WTO, are playing hardball (April 16, 2000)

Northwest Digest
Help available for small businesses hurt by WTO unrest (April 15, 2000)

Police target law limiting surveillance (April 7, 2000)

Police admit WTO riots caught them flat-footed (April 5, 2000)

There's the rub: Police missed free WTO massages (March 30, 2000)

Two protesters sentenced for vandalizing sign at NikeTown (March 18, 2000)

Protesters linked by fate and WTO (March 17, 2000)

State lawmakers in uphill battle for WTO money (March 11, 2000)

Police caught short at WTO: Officers went to Wyoming for tear gas (March 8, 2000)

Eugene panel debates effect of WTO violence (March 6, 2000)

WTO protest leaders plan disruptions in D.C., Los Angeles (March 4, 2000)

County asking feds to help pay for WTO (March 1, 2000)

WTO ruling says U.S. tax law dodges international trade rules (February 24, 2000)

WTO testimony may be given behind closed doors (February 20, 2000)

Getting the facts on WTO unrest on a tight budget, tight timeline (February 16, 2000)

For richer, poorer nations, divisions linger at trade conference (February 14, 2000)

Nations meet as industry holds reins of globalization (February 11, 2000)

Probe ends in spraying of two women in car during WTO protests (February 9, 2000)

Retired officer Herb Johnson named Seattle interim police chief (February 8, 2000)

WTO injury reports from officers show dangers they faced (February 8, 2000)

Bangkok talks aim to heal WTO rift (February 7, 2000)

City's WTO probe won't be Watergate, councilman promises (January 27, 2000)

Jean Godden / Times Staff Columnist
Thais ready for 'taste of Seattle'? (January 26, 2000)

Schell aims to move beyond WTO (January 25, 2000)

Republican proposal would eat up State Patrol refund from WTO (January 18, 2000)

Businessman to take on city over lost work during WTO (January 14, 2000)

Will activists become rebels without a cause? (January 14, 2000)

Accepting arrest in name of peace (January 12, 2000)

Sidran won't drop remaining cases from WTO protests (January 12, 2000)

Coordinator of WTO investigation named (January 12, 2000)

Protesters urge city to drop WTO charges (January 11, 2000)

Seattle stuck with WTO tab; council's role questioned (January 6, 2000)

Downtown group weighs impact of post-WTO sales (January 6, 2000)

Seattle's WTO bill hits $9 million (January 5, 2000)

Most WTO protesters to go free (January 4, 2000)

Target of WTO complaint identified as sheriff's deputy (December 30, 1999)

Three more WTO protesters charged (December 24, 1999)

WTO poll: Police did well; mayor fumbled (December 19, 1999)

WTO refuses to discuss what went wrong, lessons to be learned from Seattle (December 18, 1999)

WTO, the movie, plays to packed screenings (December 18, 1999)

Photo of looting wasn't full picture, women say (December 17, 1999)

WTO prompts bolstered regional ties (December 16, 1999)

There was unrest even at the top during WTO riots (December 16, 1999)

Photographer files claim over WTO (December 16, 1999)

Teamsters plan show of force for WTO (November 20, 1999)

China faces hurdles political and cultural (November 20, 1999)

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks as shoppers head to downtown Seattle (December 15, 1999)

Man kicked in groin calls his fame 'humiliating' (December 15, 1999)

Anger erupts again over WTO as hundred tell their stories (December 15, 1999)

Man pleads not guilty in Starbucks break-in (December 14, 1999)

Schell's decision on Falun Gong week backfires (December 14, 1999)

Praise, probe for city workers' job on WTO (December 14, 1999)

Erik Lacitis / Times Staff Columnist
'Protest Pack': Not quite the riot stuff for a marketing exam (December 14, 1999)

Swept up in crackdown, 2 asking why (December 12, 1999)

U.S. farmers wonder when they'll see WTO benefits (December 10, 1999)

Some are thanking police, who will return the favor (December 10, 1999)

Kind kids bring WTO-weary merchants their just dessert (December 9, 1999)

Seattle City Council hears eight hours of WTO 'horror stories' (December 9, 1999)

Two students file first WTO injury claim (December 8, 1999)

The curious legacy of Norm Stamper (December 8, 1999)

In wake of WTO, Police Chief Stamper announces he'll retire (December 7, 1999)

Nicole Brodeur / Times Staff Columnist
A dubious honor for WTO host (December 7, 1999)

Why WTO united so many foes (December 6, 1999)

Kay McFadden / Times Staff Columnist
After WTO: TV blames the out-of-towners (December 6, 1999)

Agricultural issues toppled WTO talks (December 5, 1999)

Deal struck to free all jailed protesters on own recognizance (December 5, 1999)

Scrutiny of Schell's leadership is just beginning as council schedules meetings (December 5, 1999)

Seattle left less naive as it counts physical, psychological costs (December 5, 1999)

WTO talks collapse; no accord reached (December 4, 1999)

Downtown reopens for business (December 4, 1999)

WTO negotiators struggle to end on time (December 3, 1999)

Negotiations calm protesters; retailers await holiday shoppers (December 3, 1999) Clinton signs pact to lessen child labor (December 2, 1999)

Emergency-zone challenge fails (December 2, 1999)

Seattle mayor urges protesters to stay in control (December 2, 1999)

Free-speech rights vs. protest ban (December 1, 1999)

WTO delegates get on with business (December 1, 1999)

Police haul hundreds to jail (December 1, 1999)

Mayor declares civil emergency, imposes curfew in downtown Seattle (November 30, 1999)

WTO opening ceremonies besieged by protesters, then canceled (November 30, 1999)

Some workers to walk out; others get 'snow day' (November 30, 1999)

Schedule of events (November 30, 1999)

With WTO, stores find trade down (November 30, 1999)

Last week: saleswoman; this week, security guard (November 30, 1999)

Clashes, protests wrack WTO; police use tear gas against blockade (November 30, 1999)

What's on WTO's plate regarding agriculture (November 30, 1999)

Meeting opens to oft-neglected organizations (November 30, 1999)

Fewer timber tariffs, fewer forests, activists warn (November 30, 1999)

KOMO says it won't cover 'irresponsible or illegal' acts (November 30, 1999)

Castro says he'll stay home, skip humiliation (November 30, 1999)

Party reveals a world of difference (November 30, 1999)

WTO notebook: Pro-trade rally fails to attract many fans (November 30, 1999)

Cabbies plan walkout tomorrow (November 29, 1999)

Protesters take over empty building (November 29, 1999)

Schedule of events (November 29, 1999)

'Festive' first big march against WTO (November 29, 1999)

Buchanan on same side as liberals (November 29, 1999)

Unions press WTO for labor rights (November 29, 1999)

How Clinton will use WTO protests in talks (November 29, 1999)

Lines, photos, paperwork greet arriving delegates (November 29, 1999)

WTO: grounds for good business (November 29, 1999)

WTO notebook: World's journalists tempted by Seattle delicacies, drinks (November 29, 1999)

Protests, delay at WTO warm-up (November 29, 1999)

Protest banner gets 3 arrested (November 28, 1999)

French farmer basks in limelight of anti-trade movement (November 28, 1999)

WTO agenda unfinished, but protesters have drawn battle lines (November 28, 1999)

Traffic will be a mess (November 28, 1999)

Six kinds of mushrooms, 10,000 kinds of anxiety (November 28, 1999)

Seattle boosters go round and round (November 28, 1999)

Food, e-commerce are hottest topics (November 28, 1999)

WTO in Seattle: Everyone has an agenda, including the turtles (November 28, 1999)

WTO in Seattle: Change is years away, but it all starts here (November 28, 1999)

WTO Photo Gallery

Photos captured from the events surrounding the conference in Seattle Nov. 30-Dec. 3.
World Trade Organization
City of Seattle: Host City for the 1999 WTO Ministerial
World Bank/WTO Trade and Development Center
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
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