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"I go someplace, I hit hard and fast, make the changes, get it going, and then I move on. I'm not a politician, and I'm not a survivalist. I don't care if I get fired or not. I'm here for children...I've had a remarkable life. I'm probably the luckiest person you've ever met."
John Stanford

JOHN STANFORD was the superintendent of Seattle's public schools for more than three years. But the title of superintendent never really encompassed the role he carved out for himself. The leader who called himself the "children's crusader" became Seattle's spokesman and public conscience on children's issues, and his battle with leukemia affected people far beyond the city's classrooms.

This site offers a look back at his life and career, and an opportunity to add your own comments to a moderated forum.

A letter from his family

'The dramatic rise in spirit is a gift that few can give to such a large mass of people. And, now, to sustain that gift will be the challenge of the people of Seattle. Mr. Stanford will be dearly missed. Let's hope his gift is not.'

-- Marv McKinley, Seattle

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