Klondike Sounds

Among the 60 pounds of gear Ross Anderson chose to bring along was a tape recorder. As he goes northward he hopes to send back the sounds of the Klondike as well as his own observations.

For a 14.4 modem, it often takes one second for each 1k downloaded. Consider your modem speed when you choose from among these sound files. Each is 8-bit, 11 kHz.

Latest sound files

Ross had stopped at Whitehorse for medical reasons, after hiking Chilkoot Pass:

Hiking Chilkoot Pass

Upon getting to the summit...
AIFF, 82k
WAV, 82k

Of the early Klondikers, few made their fortune...
WAV, 634k

More about Mont Hawthorne

Next stop:the Yukon River
WAV file, 477k
AIFF file, 477k

Yukon gold for Ross
AIFF file, 229k
WAV file, 229k

Ross recorded these at Carmacks, before going back on the Yukon River again.

Why Ross chose not to use a motorized boat

Squalls on the river after leaving Whitehorse

Klondikers had a different idea of the river

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