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Originally published January 3, 2015 at 11:34 PM | Page modified January 26, 2015 at 1:06 PM

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Winners announced for our Lucky Lanterns contest

Fans can still upload a photo displaying the lanterns.

Wow, 12th fans you really showed your Seahawks spirit! We received more than 440 entries for our Lucky Lanterns photo contest. Our panel of judges agonized over ranking the best entries. In the end, we chose and ranked our top three, and then awarded honorable mentions for seven more. Here are the winning entries:


Mrs. Henry's Math Class: Arranged in the form of a "12," the 83 sixth-graders in Helen Henry's math class at the International Community School in Bellevue toss their Russell Wilson dolls up in the air.


Lantern Rocket: Seahawk fan Brayden Newell celebrates a touchdown with the Hawk Lantern Rocket built by his "Bumpa" Roger Newell for the playoffs.


Redmond Senior Center & Recreation Staff City of Redmond: Bitsy the Pig invited everyone at the Redmond Senior Center and the City of Redmond Recreation Staff to show their Seahawks pride.


Lego 12 Land: Cynthia Nowak describes it: This diverse group of Lego minifans date back to the onset of the Seahawks. My husband has been a collector since he was a little boy (and he's turning 40 in days) and most of these 12s fondly remember the Kingdome (and King beers and dogs). My kids share his love of Legos and we built this mini-city centered around a Hawks game. Look closely and you will see a mini-lucky lantern, the 12-man flagpole and truck, 12s who look like they came straight from Comicon or a Star Wars convention, an armor-clad LOB and more!

Never too old for Hawks: Ruth is 94 years old and an avid fan of the Seahawks.

Never too young for Hawks: Liam is a 4-year-old Beast fan. Ilisha Larsson says: "Once upon a time there was a little baby boy born on July 27, 2010 at UW hospital. He was an immediate Seahawks fan and has watched every game since he was born. As he grew older he developed a connection to Lynch and enjoys power pellets during each game to give him good luck. We almost forgot to give him his Skittles today but remembered before the game was over and with 4 minutes left he started eating them and the Seahawks made the best comeback in the history of football. This caption is the excitement of power pellets, going to the Super Bowl, and the excitement that this little boy feels now that they won all because he had a few Skittles. (At least that is what we believe) Thanks for taking one for the team Liam!"

The 12s at Orca K-8: These students at the Columbia City school are pumped for the Hawks to repeat. The photo was taken in the school garden.

Arizona Awaits: Lanterns hanging from a cactus in Arizona, awaiting the Hawks in the Super Bowl. Submitted by David Reis in Peoria, Ariz.

Next generation of 12's: Nieces and nephews have Hawks fever. Submitted by David Pelagio of Tukwila.

Canine 12's: Three furry Sea Gals -- Margie, Libby & Tequila -- wait at the goal line for a championship. Submitted by Marian & Dennis Tillman.

Download and print your Lucky Lanterns (you can also print on 11"x17" paper):

Download 8.5"x11"

You can still upload a photo showing your Seahawks spirit, but the contest has ended and prizes have been awarded.

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