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News Partner Network

The Seattle Times has formed journalism partnerships with more than 50 of Seattle's most highly regarded local news sites.

Local News Sites

Get the latest neighborhood news and events coverage from dozens of communities across the region

Ethnic Media

These sites help tell the story of the rich cultural traditions found in the Seattle area

Life Blogs

From biking to brewing beer, folks around here take their leisure time seriously

Seattle Times Co. Publications

Coverage of Issaquah, Sammamish, Snoqualmie Valley and Newcastle


  • In an effort to provide readers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date news from throughout the region, The Seattle Times has forged partnerships with a number of local news Web sites. Together we're looking for ways to complement each other's coverage.


  • With the help of constant communication, partnership members look to share story links between sites. The coverage offered by each site is unique, and the cross-linking helps bring more news to both Seattle Times readers and the readers of the local sites.
  • We look for ways to build collaborative news projects, with the local sites providing varied perspectives to the coverage.
  • We consider ways to enhance partnerships through advertising and marketing relationships.


  • The cross-linking has helped raise awareness of the local news "blogosphere" among Seattle Times readers. Here's a reader comment from a recent survey: "I strongly support these partnerships! It legitimizes news coverage in these neighborhood blogs, and provides a pathway for the Seattle Times to expand on the brief coverage from blogs. Neighborhood blogs add immediacy, local voices and perspective to stories, and address issues that I would not expect the Seattle Times to cover (a shop closing, a relatively small crime or an odd neighborhood incident)."
  • Photo swaps have been helpful for both The Seattle Times and the local sites in situations where one site was not on the scene of a big event. On several occasions, The Seattle Times has used a breaking-news partner-site photo as the centerpiece image on its homepage.
  • There have been two collaborative news projects so far -- on graffiti and family homelessness -- that have been well received by the community.
  • The Seattle Times and the local sites have worked together on training sessions for partnership members on topics such as mobile reporting and video editing.


  • The Seattle Times is working to establish and build cooperative relationships with other news sites in the area that meet our journalistic standards. If you have a community or topic site and want to learn more about this project, contact Bob Payne, Seattle Times Editor for Partnerships and Audience Engagement.


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